Comment 149 for bug 177492

Götz Christ (g-christ) wrote :

I have also the performance problem in Intrepid with an Intel 865G using EXA, with XAA acceleration it is much more faster. Scrolling was not slow, but in Firefox, and in Dolphin tab switching was slow, also switching to another window was slow and I got graphics corruption (screenshot attached), all this with EXA.

Intrepid with EXA
x11perf -aa10text
560000 reps @ 0.0100 msec ( 99900.0/sec): Char in 80-char aa line (Charter 10)

Intrepid with XAA
x11perf -aa10text
560000 reps @ 0.0102 msec ( 49700.0/sec): Char in 80-char aa line (Charter 10)

With and GEM Kernel and Intel 2.5 would it be better?