Comment 36 for bug 67487

Workaround: getting to console:
OK. I tried that. (suggestion of removing splash from boot line.) GDM monitor died, but it did let me get into consoles on the other x-windows, which didn't work with splash in the line. I checked out the xorg.conf, and it set the setting under device that normally reads driver "fglrx" (for ati proprietary on my comp) said "ati". I have never seen/had a working x with "ati" listed under driver. (Is this the driver for non proprietary?) That's probably the problem. Anyhow, it seemed ot work by changing it back to a non-hardware driver. What I don't understand is why everyone I know with an Intel doesn't have this problem and everyone I know with an AMD does.

Anyhow, that should allow people to work around and do a custom xorg.conf.