Comment 10 for bug 1241895

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> Created attachment 4894 [details]
> display the X11 root window property _NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY
> TL;DR: The pager itself is (presumably) fine. Xfwm needs to be fixed to
> update the _NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY property.

Thank you for that insight - I finally got enough of this bug so I spent today trying to come up with a patch that I have attached to bug 9922. This fixes the issue that _NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY doesn't update, and makes the pager widget relayout correctly.

One minor remaining issue (that I assume has nothing to do with xfwm4) is that I do need to click the pager widget once, or change workspace (or anything that forces it to update itself) to make it relayout correctly immediately after login, but that beats having to restart xfwm4 every time (`xfce-panel -r` never worked for me, btw, not sure why that worked for OP)