Comment 4 for bug 1027086

Ritesh Khadgaray (khadgaray) wrote :


 * User is unable to change the auth method in vino using dconf-editor.

 * This is a trivial fix, and awaiting on upstream.

 * The patch attached to upstream bz. authentication-methods is listed as type "as", and but the value is stored as


 * When editing the value /desktop/gnome/remote-access/authentication-methods there is a error "Error setting value: 0-4: unknown keyword"

 * Apply the patch, and the issue is resolved.

[Regression Potential]

 * Minimal regression potential, and is a trivial patch to apply or revert from.

 * This should not cause any issues, based on the tests I ran locally. Has zero security implications

[Other Info]

 * Currently waiting on upstream to accept the stated patch.