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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1454016: "c{motion}" temporary cancels 'linebreak' option for current line Undecided New 383 weeks

From: Umang Varma
Link: v7-4-576.patch

Upstream patch used in Debian

Bug #1374898: Vim has 32-bitlimits; annoying on really large files and 64-bit machine Medium Confirmed 387 weeks

From: James McCoy
Link: lnum-long.diff


Bug #1196970: Filetype not set on git commit in submodules Undecided Confirmed 483 weeks

From: Bernhard
Link: filetype.vim.diff

Update "filetype.vim" to current version

Bug #987707: gvim in Precise can't connect to ibus and takes a long time to load Undecided Confirmed 541 weeks

From: David Barnett
Link: ibus-init-fork.patch


Bug #889553: make.vim fails to recognize valid makeIdent with dashes during assignment Undecided New 568 weeks

From: cub
Link: make.patch

patch for vim 7.2 (ubuntu 10.04)

Bug #666565: "utf8" charmap in locale name is wrong Undecided Confirmed 623 weeks

From: Lauri Tirkkonen
Link: language-selector-localename.patch

Replace '.utf8' with 'UTF-8' in generated locale strings.

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