Comment 60 for bug 1088146

Jake V (jake8078) wrote :

Made an account to add to this thread.

N550JV only a few weeks old also had this problem. I've used Ubuntu 13.10, Mint 15 Cinnamon, and Mint 16 Cinnamon. This problem occurred maybe twice with just the full fan speed problem, and only once with both the fan speed and the battery won't charge thing (that occurrence was while running Mint 16). I resolved it by removing the battery and discharging motherboard for 30 seconds and re-seating.

Kind of a pain because one must unscrew and remove the back panel to access the battery. I also noticed that the keyboard was radiating a lot of heat, despite the pc not being under any significant load. Makes me nervous about potential damage.

I'm back on Windows 8 for now until I can find another distro. :(