Comment 43 for bug 1088146

I manage to able to avoid most of the issues as descripted by the orginal reporter on the ASUS N56VZ (bios 217) by following this 'rules' which I found by experimenting:

a) Make sure to have the same 'charger-state' before the system was turned off. For example if I shutdown the machine I first unplug the charger and when I turn it on I make sure the charger is not connected. Or visa versa :-).

b) Do not close the lid when shutting down the system.

c) Keep about 30% charge in the battery before shutting down.

My hunch is that there is sometimes weird going on with the EC (Embedded Controller) firmware. The moment the system starts and it seems to starts doing ACPI calls(?). Some trigger (for example a low battery reading) will cause the EC firmware to crash, leaving the fans running at full speed as a failsafe(?).

It is not unusual for the EC firmware to stall or crash. Some Thinkpads suffered with similar issues with their EC firmware crashing on certain calls:

I do not know how-to run the kernel in verbose mode such that we could indentify the potentially call causing the EC firmware to hang any pointers welcome. I would be happy to make a case such that we can reproduce the issue reliable allowing us to find a permanent fix for it.