Comment 3 for bug 1088146

Ph3nix_ (adrien-cantepie) wrote :

Same problem here,

---- config ----
 - N56VJ notebook
 - ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64
 - arch amd64

---- Problem ----
wrong status about battery state when my battery is plugged (and fully charged) and the power adapter is plugged:

 - eneryg state for battery: 0% ("battery not present" in indicator applet) => Then fan CPU is going to full speed after boot on ubuntu. The battery wont charge after login. I have to shutdown the system, unplug/replug battery and reboot to fix problem.

- random energy state for battery (30-40%) ("battery is unplugged" in indicator applet) => After login, battery wont charge. I have to reboot and replug battery when system is shutdown to fix problem.