Comment 9 for bug 227282

Kaur Männamaa (kaurman) wrote :

I am also experiencing this bug although I'm running a 32 bit lucid. It has to be said though that I recently upgraded from hardy to 10.04 and suffered from the bug already prior to the upgrade.

I have reason to believe it all started after I once cancelled a system upgrade from hardy to some next version. The cancellation was not brutal in any way. I just said no when it asked for the final confirmation and the system seemed to roll back all the changes (sources.lst etc.), as expected.

Yet, I have been unable to receive everyday upgrades via either synaptic or update manager from that point on. The symptoms seem to be the same as the ones characteristic to this bug. This means that I can upgrade via apt-get upgrade or aptitude safe-upgrade but it's still rather annoying.

Interestingly, I was able to use update manager to upgrade from hardy to lucid but the bug remained.