Comment 5 for bug 221285

Doug (illusion65) wrote :

Hi Michael,

Sorry about the delay, I was on holiday the week that you posted and just now catching up from a flurry of work. I did solve the problem, but I don't think I did anything special. Instead of trying a system update, I ran a distribution upgrade.

I'm including three "sources.list" with their dates as suffix. The 17Jul07 is certainly "before" I tried the Hardy upgrade, the source.list.21Apr08 was probably timestamped when I first tried the upgrade (and was marked ".saved", with a duplicate named ".distUpgrade"), and the .28Apr08 sources.list file is post-upgrade and has the Hardy references. I believe the references are correct in the files, but I'll let you determine that for certain.

Since that time, I've "fresh" installed Hardy on 2 laptops and dist-upgraded another, so now we're a 4 laptop, Ubuntu family! The Hardy "fresh install" is easily the best experience I've encountered for installing an OS on a laptop. Well done and thanks to everyone who's contributed so much.