Comment 65 for bug 887821

eltimbalino (eltimbalino-org) wrote :

I believe I have the same issue in 16.04. But often, when copying files, disk-activity stops. I expect a notification, but there is none. So I minimise each window, looking for it, nothing. Then I have found that by switching to my nautilus file browser windows and then resizing them with ctrl+cmd+[arrows] one of them will not respond. Then by switching workspaces, finally my error notification turns up saying I have duplicate files, or a file could not be copied.

Once I say 'skip all' or what ever, the operation continues. Though sometimes I am then unable to get the copy dialogue to show again after trying everything.

I don't know if this is multiple bugs that show the same symptoms, but it seems to have been a problem in Ubuntu for a very long time. And file operations are a fundamental feature of an OS.