Comment 0 for bug 868930

Sam Spilsbury (smspillaz) wrote :

Continuing on from bug 862231 comment #15

Okay, now the fix created a new problem. I have my Evolution window resized and can see the window decorations, but when I minimize the window and then click on it's icon in the Unity launcher the window opens maximized and I have to resize again. The behavior affects other apps as well.

For example I normally have my Chrome window resized and not showing the window decorations bar (this option is in Chrome's preferences) now since the fix, when I minimize it and then click on it's icon from the launcher it also comes back as maximized with the window decorations. I then have to resize it and then go back into Chrome's preferences to remove the window decorations...

I think the problem here is that when the window is reparented again after being minimized (with minimized previews disabled), it will be automaximized. That's wrong, it automaximization should happen on placement