Comment 8 for bug 842745

Luke Scharf (lukescharf) wrote :

I'm seeing the same dock behavior on Oneiric. It had been masked to me, because I had set the dock to always be visible. After I rm'd my compiz-related dot files, I see the same problem with unhiding the dock.

There are a number of problems with the stacked monitor configuration and Unity/compiz. Before blanking my compiz dot files, Compiz was regularly placing windows over the split between the windows, but I haven't captured a video or characterized enough of it to submit a helpful big report. Also, window pickers seem to display all of the windows upside down on the split (I've filed a separate bug report with a screenshot about this one). Also, Compiz crashes regularly in this configuration -- it's getting better, and I've been trying to gather enough information to characterize it in a helpful way.