Comment 25 for bug 840823

Alex Lee (alexlee) wrote :

I submitted a report for what I think is the same bug:

Even though this bug is marked a duplicate of I'm pretty sure it isn't just a Unity issue. I have been encountering this problem when using XFCE (Xubuntu 11.10).

Following Sergej's comment (#24), I decided to try out fujiwarat's change,

And to answer Sergej's question, here's how I did it (not sure if this is the best way but it worked):

# Fetch fujiwarat's latest code
~$ git clone

# Get the source (from Precise) and extract it
~$ wget
~$ wget
~$ tar -zxvf ibus_1.4.0.orig.tar.gz
~$ cd ibus-1.4.0
~/ibus-1.4.0$ tar -zxvf ../ibus_1.4.0-1ubuntu2.debian.tar.gz

# Copy in the updated client/x11/main.c and build
~/ibus-1.4.0$ cp ../ibus/client/x11/main.c ./client/x11/main.c
~/ibus-1.4.0$ sudo apt-get build-dep ibus
~/ibus-1.4.0$ dpkg-buildpackage -b -tc -us -uc

Assuming you have all the dependencies in place it should build ok. I installed all the generated deb files and logged out and back in. All the problems I had been encountering with ibus were then resolved (including a separate issue where the compose key had stopped working). So this seems to confirm that Sergej is right about the patch that fixes the bug.