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thom (tsk) wrote :

Indeed it does.

b.t.w. I think that the message that "this bug report is a duplicate of bug #878492" is slightly off:
I think the duplicate status is wrong

bug #878492 is about the philosophical question if it's right or wrong to use plain F-keys for the OS in the vincinity of a terminal emulator....well, although I agree, I don't have any problem with that as long as I can bypass it , so my problem is not in bug #878492

The bug we are discussing HERE is about the fact that something isn't working the way it is designed to do:
let's resume shall we ?

1) in Gnome-terminal you can switch off (bypass) F-keys so traditional programs like "htop" and "mc" are usable.
2) in Ubuntu 11.10 (11.04?) this didn't work anymore, at least not for F10 (so "killall -SIGTERM mc" to exit)
3) bug: Compiz-config-settings-manager overruled gnome-terminal with F10 setting
     workaround: switch F-10 off in ccsm
4) In Ubuntu 12.04 another bug appeard which did the same but in different way...
5) bug: gtk3.0 is acting up.....reason unknown....does anyone know which GTK project to contact about this ?
    workaround [thank you Joost, it works !! :-) ]: cut and paste the following in a terminal and press enter

mkdir -p ~/.config/gtk-3.0
cat<<EOF > ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css

@binding-set NoKeyboardNavigation {
     unbind "<shift>F10"

* {
     gtk-key-bindings: NoKeyboardNavigation