Comment 4 for bug 683211

Doug McMahon (mc3man) wrote :

This is an extremely shortsighted decision unless there is some valid reason why the cube shouldn't be used with unity. ATM I don't see any - the cube works fine here with the current 3.2.6 version. What the Op was complaining about is not that important and by default the the Desktop wall is enabled, so where is the problem exactly?

Exactly don't even see the point here at all, following the steps outlined above with the cube enabled the behavior is exactly as expected - is this all about preventing someone disabling the wall and not enabling the cube? - if so, well too bad, the likelihood of that is minute

People should be free to choose as they want, please revert this or at least provide a diff for those that wish to.
(or provide a link to commit that caused this if you could.