Comment 17 for bug 657771

Alexander Sack (asac) wrote :

there are many different storires here in in this bug afaict ... here the few I see:

1. no launcher/.desktop can be found if you just run a random binary you installed on your system
  -> this needs some magic that would create a .desktop file if you click on the "keep in launcher" entry (and then we can display keep in launcher even if no .desktop is found)

2. .desktop file is not in the common search path
  -> at least $HOME/.local/share/applications should be considered ... also we can make the .desktop file handler smart to somehow register the .desktop file or even its location for tracking by bamf

3. application windows - even though they have a .desktop file - cannot be back-mapped to its launcher by bamf. freedesktop startup-notification protocol has the option to add a field "StartupWMClass=" to .desktop file which can be used to better do this ... for this bug i created a separate ticket (bug 693231) and submitted a fix there. This fixes "Keep in Launcher" for firefox dailies, gajim and probably others.