Comment 8 for bug 1463112

Jeremy Kerr (jk-ozlabs) wrote :

Funnily enough, I saw the same issue last night. Also caused by a cat.

The system seemed to be completely unresponsive, but I don't think it had locked completely; after a few minutes of holding down backspace (with no indication in the UI that characters are actually being deleted), I managed to eventually clear the password entry box. Hitting enter (ie, to clear the password box by performing an invalid login) didn't seem to do anything either. It seemed like the excessive chars in the password box was slowing the UI down.

Changing to tty1 and doing a ps didn't show lightdm to be in any unusual state.

I have no idea how long the cat was sitting on the keyboard.

My system details:

  Ubuntu version : 15.10
  Lightdm version: 1.16.4-0ubuntu1
  Cat: black, domestic