Comment 33 for bug 1311316

kovinet (borut-kovacec) wrote :

It also affects me. Dual monitors, 64 bit, Graphics: IntelĀ® Ivybridge Desktop - also only every now and then, not always.

When I can't login and try with 'unity --replace' in console (pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1) I can login again but top menu is missing in all applications, but 'compiz --replace' doesn't work (it prints some lines one of them being: Fatal error: Coulnd't open display).

But if I do Ctrl + Alt + F1 and run 'unity --replace', then go back to unity with Ctrl + Alt + F7, then I can login - and after I am logged in in unity and open a Terminal there and run 'compiz --replace' then also top menu comes back.