Comment 225 for bug 1311316

Sylwester (ubuntulinux-org) wrote :

This has been bugging me for some time. Out family of 3 switch users and it happens randomly for some users while others still work.

The only workaround I got is that I made a dummy user that I always login on terminal 7. When any in the family gets this problem they hit CTRL+ALT+F7 to that user lockscreen and use its fast user switch to pick their own name. Then you get login prompt and can access your session. Once in the session you get the same problem if you lock the screen so its just to be able to save your work, close appications and kill the screem with AltGr+SysRq+k since the logout will show a logout button that will not work.

Once logged in again though the lock screen is normal for a random duration of unlocks before the same happens again.

It beats loosing data but a fix would be nice.