Comment 7 for bug 1310316

Rainer (r-e-l) wrote :

Hi together,

this problem affects me too. I take a look at my system and found:
Under unity-tweak-tool the scaling fonts the scaling factor was reduced to 0.86. and I reset it to 1. After reboot it was again 0.86 and after further reboots it decreases further.

Then I found that und system sesttings display the scale for menus and title bars was set to 0.86.

I reset both to 1 and the problem disapear.

This lead me to the sentence: the unity-tweak-tool the scaling fonts scaling factor is reduced y each boot with the system sesttings display scale for menus and title bars.

Hope this help to circumvent the problem for all who had this problem and for the solver to find the bug.

Rgeards Rainer