Comment 28 for bug 1310316

Iain Elder (iainelder) wrote :

A few months ago I installed the Unity Tweak Tool to experiment with different font sizes.

In the end I decided that the default 1.0 size was fine.

Now I occasionally suffer from tiny (0.5) fonts at startup.

Something truly weird happens when I use Tweak to reset the correct value (1.0). It's as if Tweak is fighting my changes.

When I use the mouse to to click on the button to increment the font size, the Tweak tool immediately undoes my change. It's impossible to fix the font size using the mouse.

The only way to force the change is to use the keyboard to type '1.1' into the box. Tweak decrements this to 1.0, the correct value.

Everything is normal again if I immediately quit Tweak after this, until the next boot that shrinks the fonts.