Comment 24 for bug 1254281

Saiph Kappa (saiph-kappa) wrote :

I just connected a new external monitor and the situation definitely happens with chromium (with firefox it didn't happen now). However, 'invisible' is not the right word, since what I see is the margins of the windows when they were in full screen on top of the bars. Anyway, I can only properly test with the other apps tomorrow to ensure I have the same setup.

Moreover, I think I found another bug with this new external monitor:
Laptop Screen Resolution: 1280x800
External Monitor Resultion: 1920x1080

when I press the super key to get the launcher everything on screen starts shaking. It seems like I can see those "lines" going down refreshing the screen (the same effect that a video camera captures on old CRT displays). This only happens when I set the resolution of the external monitor to 1920x1080, for other lower resolutions everything works fine.