Comment 10 for bug 971876

Colin Law (colin-law) wrote :

Hi Vylaern

I don't fully understand. I am running Quantal which is kernel 3.5.0-17 at the moment. In order to get the reader to work I did not have to do

echo 'DRIVERS=="rts_bpp", ENV{ID_DRIVE_FLASH_SD}="1"' | sudo tee -a /lib/udev/rules.d/81-udisks-realtek.rules

as described in the but description, but I did have to do

sudo apt-get install dkms
sudo dpkg -i rts-bpp-dkms_1.1_all.deb

so I feel the bug is not fixed (in ubuntu quantal). However I admit I do not understand exactly how all this works so am happy to be corrected if necessary.

Or are you saying the the driver /is/ included in kernel 3.5.4 and so will be fixed in ubuntu when it starts using that kernel?