Comment 47 for bug 554433

WeatherGod (ben-v-root) wrote :


a) See comment #16, as the original reporter stated that his problem was fixed. This was later confirmed by a few other uses and re-affirmed by the original reporter. If you are still having a problem, then you have a different bug with a similar symptom. Comments #24 through 26 show other users who have filed new bugs. Maybe one of those apply to you and you should add to those reports? Or, file a new bug.

b) At the risk of being condescending, 3 or 4 people is not widespread. While I am aware of the fact that many might not be reporting this bug, I have seen other bug reports that were much more "widespread".

However, this does not diminish the fact that *you* are having a problem, and it should be solved, regardless of it being widespread or not. I do hope that we can solve your issue, and that would be best done in a new report or in another report that more closely matches your problem.

c) That would only be true if this was an open ticket. However, because it is marked as "Fix Committed", the developers and QA people do not see these reports anymore (unless they search for it specifically). Hence why you should move to a ticket with a matching problem, or open a new bug report.

d) I don't follow your logic here. Adobe has refused to maintain their product on Linux, even when broken. The Linux community has bent over backwards to try and support outdated Flash software, but there is only so much they can do. Adobe -- on all platforms -- has been slow to produce bugfixes and to maintain their software.

Other things like monitors, keyboards, routers and such, so long as their drivers are open source, will likely continue to work for a very long time because we can do something about it. With closed-sourced drivers and software, there is very little that can be done. This is a cold, harsh reality that the Linux community has been trying to make people aware of for a long time.

To summarize, this bug report is *Closed*. Please file a new report or join an open one that matches your problem more exactly.