Comment 45 for bug 554433

WeatherGod (ben-v-root) wrote :

This is a bug report system and not a forum. While these discussions are *healthy* for driving improvements to Linux and ironing out rough edges, they do not belong here. Also, because this bug has been marked as "Fix Released" the developers are no longer looking at this report and will not see your messages.

Because the fix did work for some people, I suspect the problem you are experiencing is slightly different and a new bug report should be filed. This will increase the likelihood of your specific issue being addressed. Feel free to mention in the new bug report that your issue may be similar to this bug report.

Also, keep in mind that for many people, CDs and DVDs are working just fine, and that this problem is not widespread. We need *your* reports to make Linux better.

As a side-note, the issue with Flash is that because it is closed-source, only Adobe can release fixes for it. Because Linux is such a small marketshare, they do not care enough to fix their products for Linux. This is also true for nVidia right now.