Comment 17 for bug 441039

Hi Tom, I think you are experiencing a different issue, for which the
fix is currently in proposed updates for Karmic, and should make it to
the updates archive soon.

The issue in this bug was that the preferences app
(ubuntuone-client-preferences) was having an issue starting up, when the
config directory or file didn't already exist. And this specific issue
has been fixed.

If you want to file a new bug, using the "Report a Problem" menu item on
the applet, or by running "ubuntu-bug ubuntuone-client" we can look at
your issue individually and determine if it's a new issue or if it's a
dup of an already existing issue.


On Thu, 2009-10-29 at 14:07 +0000, Tom Dison wrote:
> I am updated to the release 9.10, and Ubuntu One still crashes when I
> try to launch it. There are no updates available, and it seems this is
> marked fixed, so is there anything I can do?