Comment 10 for bug 546477

My initial feeling was that it should deplete to the right. We had a
fairly heated discussion about it amongst the design team, and I
eventually decided it should deplete to the right.

After that was uploaded, however, it looked wrong. All of the other
items on the menu "read from left to right". And so I figure it was a
bad call and asked for it to be reverted.

Reading Martin's comments, I think that folks will ultimately be
prejudiced one way or the other based on the way their phone or other
favorite gadget handles this. We did a quick review and found that there
isn't much consistency between vendors. So we're going to be right for
some, wrong for others.

Therefor, let's ground the decision on the basis that we expect the eye
to scan left to right. Items that show an increase (in battery, volume,
signal strength) should show that either vertically, or from left to right.