Comment 10 for bug 68308

Dustin Kirkland  (kirkland) wrote :


Thanks for collecting all of these bugs into this meta bug.

With Ubuntu Intrepid, I believe we have given Ubuntu's RAID implementation the major overhaul you have requested. Please see the blueprint and spec for more details:

Specifically in response to the bugs you've referenced, I've examined each of them and updated them accordingly. In summary:
 * Bug #22301: Triaged, updated, asking for someone to reproduce on Intrepid
 * Bug #58892: Fixed
 * Bug #58893: Fixed
 * Bug #58894: Fixed
 * Bug #33649: Fixed
 * Bug #16790: Fixed
 * Bug #22673: Fixed
 * Bug #31435: Fixed
 * Bug #45523: Needs testing
 * Bug #63235: Fixed

I've extensively tested these issues, and am happy to report that the state of RAID in Ubuntu is significantly better. I"m going to mark this bug as "Fix Released" at this point, and continue with the two remaining issues.