Comment 8 for bug 985354

doccpu (dhorner) wrote :

just reran install of 12.04 from original iso burnt on dvd ( cd's just wont boot) it failed and opened desktop. ctrl alt f2 term and did
'sudo apt-get remove ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu' . ( what the heck is that)
it installed fine this time. figures the cute bells and whistles screwed up the install once again. I guess not enough ram to make pretty and run whats necessary at same time.
installs should check ram and run what can. not everybody has the latest and greatest mega machine like the guys that write the install packs. It took me forever to actually find the alternate dloads on the ubuntu site. sigh if it says you can find the alternate install some where they should give a link to that some where not just a general note they can be found ...... and give no links besides the torrents or older versions. it finally crashed some how and dumped me to a text page that had text that turned out to be links.