Comment 16 for bug 1579454

MWorks (hugop02) wrote :

Hello everyone, I´m trying to install Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.3 to my Asus Rog GL552VW, I´ve been able to go into the try option (I can enter and try ubuntu) but when I try to install, right after it officially starts (after selecting region, language, and which partition it will use) an error pops up, saying: System Program Problem detected, and the installations hangs eternally,

I noticed the window that was about to open, the one that shows you random ubuntu stuff, doesn´t load (its right when its about to load when the error appears). I´ve found the /var/crash/ folder, and it says:

total 15656
-rw-r——-1 root whoopsie 16005864 _usr_lib_ubiquity_bin_ubiquity.0.crash
-rw-r—–1 root whoopsie 22082
Any help will be appreciated.

Happy Christmass you all 😀