Comment 4 for bug 1514938

Thank you for reviewing it quickly.
its symptom is too complicated but solution is simple
The solution is adding right language pack by their region and nations to language support.

in case of Korea , we need Korean not Chinese, Spanish, and lots of other languages.

When selecting the language Korean in live mode
all the language in system should be displayed in Korean, but Xenial distributions show me English and Korean together.
and after installation ,from the first boot
the same issue accurs in system as you can see it in screenshot

but, although fcitx-hangul was not installed by default in OS
fcitx config tool shows Hangul(한글)

we don't use Spanish, Chinese, and other lots of other Nations language
but Xenial's distribution has a lot of other nations language by default ,and even Korean(한국어)was not installed by default.
so, To operate Xenial Xerus in Korean,
we need to remove all the other nations languages except English(영어)
and should install Korean(한국어)

it happens from installation process to fresh installed state together.
Shortly to say,
* language pack of Korean was missed in language support
* Too many languages was installed in OS, Except English and Korean, we don't use other languages by default.

I assume this language issue would happens to other Asian Nations distribution too.