Comment 21 for bug 1514938

Jung-Kyu Park (bagjunggyu) wrote :

Hello, juyeon Park.
I tried to install it by the same bootable USB Ubuntu 16.04 right after seeing your mention.
and this time it was installed properly.
and also there was no hash sum mismatch report in the terminal

Now I am sure that it was derived from the servers's Hash Sum mismatch.
And also,during installation process, I didn't check the third party software and others
I tried it as normal.

but, in this case, it may not be a bug of the ubiquity or system though,
we should remember which was happened, although it was not a local mirror server as I already mentioned before, it happened when I switched the server to the main server at the softwarte and update in the ubiquity though.

I don't know where to affect this report but we could probably meet this bug by the same reason in the future or soon by happens I guess.