Comment 129 for bug 150930

If you are experiencing this bug and wish to verify whether it's due to the problem originally reported here, then please compare the resolution shown in System -> Administration -> Screens and Graphics (assuming you haven't changed it) with that in the file /etc/usplash.conf. They should be the same. For example, on the computer I'm using at the moment, Screens and Graphics says "Resolution: 1280x800" and /etc/usplash.conf has "xres=1280" and "yres=800".

If they are different, then this bug has recurred for some reason and I would like to know about it in this bug report.

If you find that the *live CD* does not display a splash screen while booting, or if you have an installed system that does not display a splash screen while booting but has the *same* values in Screens and Graphics and in /etc/usplash.conf as above, then this is not the same problem as this bug; instead, it is likely to be a deeper problem with the splash screen software, possibly specific to your hardware. Please report that on the 'usplash' package in Ubuntu. I'm sorry if this seems like being fobbed off (to quote an earlier commenter), but it is important to us to keep separate problems in separate bug reports, otherwise we can't keep track of what has been fixed where and things will be worse for everyone.

Thanks for your attention!