Comment 5 for bug 1085991

Resize/reuse are getting stuck at ntfs (see below) and or possibly fat partitions (myself):

<xnox> $ sudo chmod -x /lib/partman/automatically_partition/*5*/choices
<xnox> when ubiquity comes up, but before clicking next on the prepare step.
<xnox> and please tell me if that fixes for you.
<shadeslayer> afiestas: ^ since you probably are the one who can test this the quickest
<xnox> I have managed to kind of reproduce it with a fat partition, but ntfs might be also a trigger for this bug.
<afiestas> xnox: if I kill ubiquity and startit again, will it work?
<afiestas> or should I do a clean start?
<xnox> afiestas: if you already had a hang, killing ubiquity will not help.
<xnox> afiestas: just reboot.
<afiestas> ookz
<afiestas> restarting then
<afiestas> xnox: worked
<xnox> afiestas: now, tell me a lot of how you booted and how many disks you had attached to your system.
<xnox> afiestas: did you boot from USB or CD?
<afiestas> oks
<afiestas> I booted from USB
<afiestas> dd if of the image
<xnox> afiestas: how many hard-drives do you have?
<afiestas> I had windows 8 installed, using the whole harddisk (it is a laptop, only have 1)
<xnox> afiestas: that's it?
<afiestas> the machien is a dell XPS1330 the ones that shipped with Ubuntu years ago
<xnox> afiestas: ok. thanks a lot.
<afiestas> yes