Comment 10 for bug 447383

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

The requested freeze exception was granted for the FF version number change and the new UbuntuOne slide; but I see that there are other string changes that were not mentioned in the request. :/

However, the worst-case consequence of not having up-to-date translations is that users will see a slide during the install that they may not understand, which I don't think is terrible... and also not worse than omitting the new slide entirely or shipping with unclear/inaccurate information in some of the slides. The slideshow is effectively eye candy while the install is running, after all; while I look forward to having this slideshow more completely translated and more accessible for Lucid, I don't think this is anything translation teams should be distracted by, given that there are much more important things to get translated for release (i.e., all the bits that users *need* to understand to be able to use their system).

As for the earlier idea to unfuzzy translations by updating the version number, I see now that more than just the version number was changed, so this isn't an option.

If the Ubuntu translators feel strongly about this, we can still consider reverting the string changes for release.