Comment 50 for bug 278419

MarianoAbsatz (el-baby) wrote :


in the "practical" part, Margarita's patch differred from mine in the following:

In hers, Jujuy wouldn't apply DST which (as of early last Saturday, was wrong, but now it's right... that is Jujuy decided it would NOT apply DST on the afternoon of Saturday 18th, setting a new record of non-anticipation).

In hers, she is not considering that Salta, La Pampa, Neuquén and Río Negro are no longer part of the America/Argentina/Cordoba timezone and people from those Provinces should have to chose another timezone that wouldn't apply DST this year... the only problem (which is small) is that times in the past will eventually be wrong on those places. My patch created a new timezone (America/Argentina/Salta) for this provinces (considering Salta the most populated city among these four provinces), following the tzdata recommendations.

The other thing I did was to reorder the provinces within the files following the recommendations in the file (which hasn't any effect on the inner working of tzdata, only for humans reading the sources).

Anyway, since my patch had wrong data for Jujuy, I'm enclosing a new one with that corrected.


PS: Martin, feel free to contact me off-launchpad if you need more info.