Comment 92 for bug 361205

teledyn, i'm with you all the way.

yes, we are all in it together. yes, each of us contributes what we can.
that is the beauty of open source, that both of these statements can be
true; that those who can only contribute a little are not denied an
equal share of the produce of our combined effort.

even those people who only have the time and knowledge to *use* linux
are making an invaluable contribution. its a big step for non-technical
users weaned on microsoft to make. many of these users also contribute
in other areas, in answer to other responsibilities, in different ways.
we cannot presume to know their priorities.

so three cheers for those who have contributed so much to make it work
and, like chris, continue to do so. three cheers also for those for whom
contributing what they can is not so much, but still as much as they can.


teledyn wrote:
> Markling, we feel your pain but please understand that this is
> opensource; there is no such thing as a "production release" it is ALL
> beta-testing; you and I and Chris are all of us the QA dept, the Dev
> Shop and the Consumer, rolled into one -- we're all in this together.
> that's the whole point ;)
> fortunately, these days, with semi-intelligent package managers like
> apt, it is relatively easy to remove and re-install (and roll-back)
> individual packages, esp something like trackerd that has few
> dependencies, so the danger to your workstation is minimal, although
> yes, it will cost a bit of your time.
> but that is the point of opensource; each of us contributes what we can
> and together we make the magic happen :)