Comment 77 for bug 361205

teledyn wrote:
> as a general rule I'd say leave the testing releases of Ubuntu itself to
> the experts, unless you have a spare machine kicking about -- but for
> testing individual packages, esp where the existing package is a real
> show-stopper (like this one) you can judge how dangerous it might be
> when you try to remove the package that is causing the problems. In
> this case, removing the tracker package only involves a few other
> packages that all have 'tracker' in the name, so they are highly
> unlikely to cause any upset. On the other hand, if you tried to remove
> some package and discovered it wanted to take a dozen packages with it,
> and especially if many are general-use lib* packages, I'd say again,
> best leave it to the experts ;)
> As for how to do this: the link Chris gave to the PPA contains full
> instructions, but what is maybe not clear is that you have to click on
> that odd hexadecimal key number and follow the links to get to his
> public key, then save that to a text file and install it in the package
> manager according to the instructions.

OK, well, I will try and help by testing it and seeing how I get on.