Comment 62 for bug 361205

Ed Iglehart (tipiglen) wrote :

Chris, I tried (dbus-monitor 2>&1 ~/dbus.log) as suggested, and got an error:
ed@ubuntu:~$ dbus-monitor 2>&1 ~/dbus.log
Failed to setup match "/home/ed/dbus.log": Match rule has a key with no subsequent '=' character

9.04 jaunty; 2.6.28-11-generic; gnome 2.26;
Hardware: Fujitsu-Siemens AmiloD 1845
497.4 GiB RAM CPU: 2x Mobile Pentium4 3.2GHz

Can you provide me with clear instructions? I will then load up a set of external data and see if the problem re-occurs.

I've had this problem since upgrading to Jaunty. I've installed tracker-utils and done the tracker-process -r thing, and I've de-selected indexing in system/preferences/search and indexing.

Now I have no problems until I use an external data source, e.g. photos via usb. Then I get the old immortal popup. I can just ignore it and leave it in the background, but the machine does slow down, and eventually I either re-boot or it shuts itself down.

I've yet to try also shutting it out via system/preferences/startup applications.

Here's hoping!