Comment 56 for bug 361205

On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 10:51 AM, Chris Coulson
<email address hidden> wrote:
> Patrick - thanks. It would be better if you installed the version in
> jaunty-proposed though, as instructed here:
> , as you need the new tracker-applet to turn the notification dialog
> with actions in to a notification that requires no user intervention.
Done. No reindexing message at all. All seems to work. (Except for
another detail - a small word-file which causes wvWare look.)

> However, you say that notification dialog repeatedly came back again,
> even when asking to reindex?

No, that was when only tracker was updated, not the other associated

> Your log confirms that with the new version
> you're running that all index files are actually deleted correctly, as
> predicted.

> Once you have upgraded all packages from jaunty-proposed, could you
> please try again, but this time could you run "dbus-monitor 2>&1
> /tmp/dbus.log" as the index error notification repeatedly appears, then
> attach the resulting file here. Again, this log is likely to contain
> some sensitive information, such as filenames, so please be aware of
> this before attaching.

I have run this, but I don't get any reindexing dialogs and the log
file is around 100Mb - do you need it?

> Could you also tell me if the tracker-indexer process exits at any point
> whilst these notifications are appearing? I might be able to tell if
> this is the case by looking at the log file you provide, but I'm not
> sure. A good tell-tale sign that tracker-indexer never exits is that
> it's PID will remain the same.

This looks like you wanted the tracker log _and_ the dbus-log. I only
collected the dbus-log this time.

I would guess my index is OK by now, so I'm not sure it is any use to
rerun anything on this machine.

I may get a chance to do this on another machine at home, which seems
to have the same "reindexing dialog" problem.


> Thanks
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