Comment 55 for bug 361205

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson) wrote :

Patrick - thanks. It would be better if you installed the version in jaunty-proposed though, as instructed here: , as you need the new tracker-applet to turn the notification dialog with actions in to a notification that requires no user intervention.

However, you say that notification dialog repeatedly came back again, even when asking to reindex? Your log confirms that with the new version you're running that all index files are actually deleted correctly, as predicted.

Once you have upgraded all packages from jaunty-proposed, could you please try again, but this time could you run "dbus-monitor 2>&1 /tmp/dbus.log" as the index error notification repeatedly appears, then attach the resulting file here. Again, this log is likely to contain some sensitive information, such as filenames, so please be aware of this before attaching.

Could you also tell me if the tracker-indexer process exits at any point whilst these notifications are appearing? I might be able to tell if this is the case by looking at the log file you provide, but I'm not sure. A good tell-tale sign that tracker-indexer never exits is that it's PID will remain the same.