Comment 49 for bug 361205

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson) wrote :

Eman - the updated package here won't fix the index corruption issues (that is a separate bug). What it should do is not present the index error dialog that requires you to press any button, and should ensure that if index corruption is detected a reindex should happen automatically to clear the corruption. You will still see a notification of an index error, but it should resolve itself with no interaction and without the error repeatedly reoccuring.

Patrik - thanks for the log. Are you sure this is with the updated version? The reason I ask is because I see this at the end of your log:

Tracker-Message: Shutdown started
Tracker-Message: State change from 'Indexing' --> 'Shutdown'
Tracker-Message: Cleaning up
Tracker-Message: Saving metadata backup in turtle file
Tracker-Message: Removing all database files
Tracker-Message: Removing database:'/home/patrikj/.local/share/tracker/data/common.db'
Tracker-Message: Removing database:'/tmp/tracker-patrikj/cache.db'
Tracker-Message: Removing database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/file-meta.db'
Tracker-Message: Removing database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/file-fulltext.db'
Tracker-Message: Removing database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/file-contents.db'
Tracker-Message: Removing database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/email-meta.db'
Tracker-Message: Removing database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/email-fulltext.db'
Tracker-Message: Removing database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/email-contents.db'
Tracker-Message: Closed sqlite3 database:'/home/patrikj/.local/share/tracker/data/common.db'
Tracker-Message: Closed sqlite3 database:'/tmp/tracker-patrikj/cache.db'
Tracker-Message: Closed sqlite3 database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/file-meta.db'
Tracker-Message: Closed sqlite3 database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/file-fulltext.db'
Tracker-Message: Closed sqlite3 database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/file-contents.db'
Tracker-Message: Closed sqlite3 database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/email-meta.db'
Tracker-Message: Closed sqlite3 database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/email-fulltext.db'
Tracker-Message: Closed sqlite3 database:'/home/patrikj/.cache/tracker/email-contents.db'
Tracker-Message: Closed sqlite3 database:'/home/patrikj/.local/share/tracker/data/common.db'
Tracker-Message: NFS lock finalized


What this is showing is that there is no call to tracker_db_index_manager_remove_all() during the shutdown, which is definately there in the updated version (0.6.93-0ubuntu2) but isn't there in the 0.6.93-0ubuntu1 version. That call needs to happen to remove all the corrupt index files.

I expected to see the following line when a shutdown is requested:

"Removing all database index files"