Comment 33 for bug 361205


    were you able to install the proposed package? or was that the version
you were still experiencing the problem with?


On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 6:26 PM, brian russell <email address hidden>wrote:

> I didn't have luck with the other workaround, nor with reinstalling
> tracker on either of the machines I upgraded... however, the following
> did indeed seem to do the trick on both:
> sudo apt-get install tracker tracker-utils --reinstall
> tracker-processes -r
> if this works (even if it only coincidentally solves the issue) with
> no need to reindex, is it not what we should be proposing to noobs in
> the forums? any reason it'd be preferable to enable jaunty-proposed?
> is tracker not going to run properly? seems to be running fine without
> a reindex....
> brian
> --
> Tracker uses notifications with actions when the index is corrupt
> You received this bug notification because you are a direct subscriber
> of a duplicate bug.
> Status in Ubuntu Release Notes: Fix Released
> Status in “tracker” source package in Ubuntu: In Progress
> Status in tracker in Ubuntu Jaunty: Fix Committed
> Status in tracker in Ubuntu Karmic: In Progress
> Bug description:
> Binary package hint: tracker
> Hi all,
> I think the target entity is the trackerd or the tracker-applet.
> Working on removable media, a popup from the tracker showed me that the
> index was corrupt, what provided me 3 options: Accept, Cancel, Start
> Reindexing (or something like that). The main issue is that whatever I click
> onto, the popup always re-appeared showing exactly the same message, with
> the same 3 options. I saw from:
> that this is a new feature, but the popup should disappear after the user
> commits one option. I used the top command and I saw that both trackerd and
> tracker-applet used either the 50% of the CPU (so the full CPU in usage from
> them), from the very beginning of the popup, and nothing about re-indexing
> was committed yet. When I accepted to re-index the content, the same popup
> reappeared, in addition to a new one advinsing that the re-indexing process
> could take a long time.
> In order to have a useful computer, I had to kill (15) the tracker-applet,
> and now I have the trackerd using the 50% of the CPU, even that I have
> nothing enabled to be indexed (at least conciously).
> Best,
> Jordi
> * With the current version of tracker (0.6.93-0ubuntu1), for those
> experiencing corruption you will see an error notification dialog with
> "Reindex", "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons.
> 1) Clicking Ok or Cancel will dismiss the dialog briefly and it will always
> re-appear straight away.
> 2) Clicking "Reindex" in the error dialog may cause the dialog to
> disappear, but it may reappear again a short-while later if the reindex
> wasn't successful in clearing the corruption.
> 3) Choose "Reindex" from the applet whilst monitoring the contents of
> ~/.cache/tracker. Note that file-index.db and email-index.db are not deleted
> on reindex.
> * With the newer version of tracker (0.6.93-0ubuntu2), if corruption is
> detected you should see a brief notification warning you that an index error
> was detected. This should disappear and re-indexing should commence with no
> user interaction required. The notification should not reappear again
> afterwards. Also:
> 1) Make sure that you still see a confirmation dialog when manually
> requesting a reindex (right-click on applet, select Reindex. A "Reindex your
> system?" confirmation dialog should appear).
> 2) Select a manual reindex from the applet. When doing this, monitor the
> contents of ~/.cache/tracker. After initiating the reindex, all .db files
> should be deleted briefly and then recreated again.
> It may be difficult to test due to you having to wait for Tracker to
> corrupt the index, which might never happen. For those brave enough, you can
> try manually corrupting your ~/.cache/tracker/file-index.db