Comment 10 for bug 361205

I've written a patch which (should) just automatically reindex if index corruption is detected now, as opposed to displaying this confusing fallback notification. Reindexing is the only sane way to recover anyway, so the user shouldn't have to interact.

The patch is in my branch (linked to this bug report) and I've uploaded a build to my PPA (

I haven't experienced any corruption recently, so my patch is completely untested. I would appreciate it if people experiencing index corruption could test the build from my PPA (0.6.93-0ubuntu2~chrisccoulson2) and provide feedback here.

What should happen now is that you should get a normal (pretty) notification telling you about the index error (with no actions), before it automatically begins re-indexing.

If you right-click on the tracker-applet tray icon and select "Reindex", you should still see a confirmation dialog (the same as the current behaviour). Please test that too to make sure I haven't broken it.

The patch only touches code in src/tracker-applet/tracker-applet.c. It adds a new parameter "no_confirm" to reindex (). If no_confirm is FALSE, then it will display a confirmation dialog before beginning reindex. If it is TRUE, it will reindex with no confirmation. I've added 2 new private calls (reindex_no_confirmation() and reindex_with_confirmation()) which are wrappers for reindex(). When you right-click on the applet and select "Reindex", this now calls reindex_with_confirmation(). When an index error is detected that requires a reindex, reindex_no_confirmation() is called instead.