Comment 0 for bug 361205

Binary package hint: tracker

Hi all,

I think the target entity is the trackerd or the tracker-applet.

Working on removable media, a popup from the tracker showed me that the index was corrupt, what provided me 3 options: Accept, Cancel, Start Reindexing (or something like that). The main issue is that whatever I click onto, the popup always re-appeared showing exactly the same message, with the same 3 options. I saw from:

that this is a new feature, but the popup should disappear after the user commits one option. I used the top command and I saw that both trackerd and tracker-applet used either the 50% of the CPU (so the full CPU in usage from them), from the very beginning of the popup, and nothing about re-indexing was committed yet. When I accepted to re-index the content, the same popup reappeared, in addition to a new one advinsing that the re-indexing process could take a long time.

In order to have a useful computer, I had to kill (15) the tracker-applet, and now I have the trackerd using the 50% of the CPU, even that I have nothing enabled to be indexed (at least conciously).