Comment 34 for bug 545778

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Build ID: 20140903072827

Steps to reproduce:

On vanilla versions of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 (in English), I installed Thunderbird and Lightning standard packages and I added support for French language, which installed the appropriate language packs for the OS and applications. I also expected this to be the case for Lightning.

Actual results:

When starting Thunderbird and accessing the calendar, the interface for Thunderbird is in French as expected, however in LIghtning it remains in English. Upon closer examination, there were no localization-specific packages installed for Lightning, so they were not installed.

Expected results:

It seems at some point there were lightning-extension-locale-* localization packages in Ubuntu and those should have been installed.

In Debian, such packages can be found as iceowl-l10n-*.

A bug report in Ubuntu describes this problem since 2010:

Perhaps Mozilla and Ubuntu contributors could collaborate in importing the Debian packages under the appropriate names used in Ubuntu.