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Ehm UbuntuKylin has just been accepted yesterday as an official flavour and
the team (along with the Chinese government who is one of the sponsors)
wouldn't like that....
On 2013-3-5 下午6:43, "Launchpad Bug Tracker" <email address hidden>

> David Planella (dpm) has assigned this bug to you for software-properties
> in Ubuntu:
> You may remove the zh_TW translation part if you can't handle that when
> modifying the title ;)
> How to reproduce
> ---------------------------------------------------
> 1.Open "Software Sources" in en_US.UTF-8 locale
> 2.(Pretend) you are a Taiwanese.
> 3.Try to choose a mirror in **your country**
> Should see
> ---------------------------------------------------
> * Taiwan, Republic of China(which is the official name of the **country**)
> * Taiwan(If we want to be less China)
> But see instead
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Taiwan, Province of China
> Reasons and **current FACTS**
> ---------------------------------------------------
> * You need a Taiwan Visa instead of China Visa to travel to Taiwan
> * We can't travel to China without a China Visa, so sad :P
> * We have **working** **own** government, and is currently in any way not
> controlled by any organization outside the Taiwan island
> * Although we know that ISO 3166 "so called standard" states "Taiwan,
> Province of China", a **buggy standard** is **buggy**, and definitely need
> to be patched before use.
> * Almost every Taiwanese will be irritated if such bug crawling on their
> screen ;)
> * And the real "Chinese by country" won't be happy either if they tried to
> use Ubuntu mirror located outside their country and (may or may not) be
> blocked by the great GFW of China.
> * (Just a joke) If we really a province of <country>, why shouldn't the
> mirror list just show <country> instead?
> Reference Data
> ---------------------------------------------------
> * Taiwan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
> "Constitutionally, the ROC government has claimed sovereignty over all of
> "China", in a definition that includes mainland China and Outer Mongolia,
> as well as Taiwan,[14] but has not made retaking mainland China a political
> goal since 1992.[15] However, the government's stance on defining its
> political position largely depends on which political coalition is in
> charge (See Politics below). Meanwhile, the PRC also asserts itself to be
> the sole legal representation of China and claims Taiwan to be under its
> sovereignty, denying the status and existence of ROC as a sovereign state.
> The PRC has threatened the use of military force as a response to any
> formal declaration of Taiwanese independence, or if it deems peaceful
> reunification no longer possible.[16] Relations between Taiwan and China as
> well as issues of national identity within the country are important
> factors in Taiwanese politics and a cause of social and political division
> among political parties and their respective supporters."
> Related bug reports
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Bug #614236 “Wrong Country Name. (Taiwan)” : Bugs : LoCo Team Portal
> FS#30444 : Download Page uses Taiwan's name as “Taiwan, Province of China”
> Please consider, and please don't be evil as the "so called standard"
> do.
> ** Affects: ubuntu-translations
> Importance: Undecided
> Assignee: Ubuntu Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) Translators
> (ubuntu-l10n-zh-tw)
> Status: New
> ** Affects: software-properties (Ubuntu)
> Importance: Undecided
> Status: Confirmed
> --
> "Taiwan R.O.C." is practically a <country>, but not "Province of
> <country>" | (zh_TW: 「台灣」實際上是一個「國家」,而非「『國家』的一省」
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