Comment 10 for bug 1126234

Ill give up, i told you its with a fresh, in other words NEW install, it is with a fresh/new install with latest 13.04 i dont know what more to tell you. Sure mark it invalid, mark it incomplete, i give up. I know how to fix this, i know how to manually install those drivers, many other ppl dont know it, they dont know how to report a bug, they dont know how to use apt, you know what will happen?
They see the sluggish behaviour of the default graphics driver and think "oh this ubuntu cant even handle simple windows properly, ill switch back to windows 7" or they look if special drivers are available and see none listed -> purge ubuntu.
i tried to be helpful and contribute and report this bug, so others may not run into this, but you are making it impossible for me to contribute.
You are not reading what i am writing and making wild assumptions about my installation and marking a bug *invalid* while glancing over the description.

I do NOT have old files lying around(its is/was a fresh install), its not the settings in .gconf, .gnome2 or whatever. It is a fresh install, 2 different versions of ubuntu(12.10 and 13.04), its an issue with jockey/software-properties or whatever and with this version of the gt880.

I give up, lets mark it invalid.