Comment 5 for bug 967064

I asked David about this on the 4th. He preferred requiring sign-in for recommendations, on the grounds that it would lower the barrier for later purchases. Unfortunately I didn't realize, until after the call, that you still need to sign in for purchases even after signing in for recommendations. (Maybe that's fixable, but certainly not for 12.04.) And I have not succeeded in contacting David since.

As I understand it, if we remove the sign-in requirement, we need to:
- merge the recommendations-by-uuid-only branch
- finish implementing the corresponding function on the server before release day.

If we keep the sign-in requirement, we need to:
- fix the dialog text (string freeze exception)
- remove the word "anonymous" from the recommendations blurb (string freeze exception)
- as you suggest, revert to opted-out state if the token is not working.